Can You Travel with Dementia?

There is no doubt that dementia is life-changing. However, it does not mean that you cannot travel with this condition. But it is paramount to evaluate the dementia symptoms before making travel plans honestly. Even if you are doing well in the friendly, familiar environment and daily routine, it does not mean your travel will go smoothly. Make safety during and after travel a top priority for you and the person under your care.

Never Travel Alone

Important note; A person with dementia should not travel alone. There are many complex directions to follow and new people with whom to interact. If you have dementia, you are likely not to arrive at your destination safely and sound if you travel alone. Having a reliable caregiver is required to accompany you every step of the way.

Also, if you take care of your older adult by yourself throughout the entire trip, be calm and in control. For example, think about their reaction to loud, crowded, and busy places. Does being in a noisy and busy airport make them more anxious, overly irritated, scared, or upset?

Because you cannot predict what will happen, it is usually a risk to travel with someone who has dementia. Think about how important it is for your loved one to take the trip and whether the fun is worth the risk.

Choose Safe Transportation Method

Another consideration is how you would get to that location. Driving will give you control and flexibility. Air travel is unpredictable and hectic, so it is typically unexpected. Consider short-direct flights compared to long- multiple flights.

It will be helpful to stick with familiar travel destinations that involve as few changes in daily routine as possible. Consider travel destinations that have access to emergency health services and pharmacies. Pack up the required medications, current medical records, emergency contacts, medical insurance, and critical legal documents.

Parting Shot

A well-organized trip can positively impact the well-being of those with dementia and their loved ones. Do not be afraid of traveling with dementia or being a caregiver.…