Best Travel Destinations for Divorcees
April 28, 2019

Traveling can help you deal with numerous situations and challenges in life including divorce. That’s because traveling impacts a sense of curiosity and adventure that enables divorcees to easily deal with the heartaches and difficulties of a breakup. Additionally, changing the environment and interacting with new people clears up the mind. It also lifts you up for a fresh beginning in life. Here are the best travel destinations for divorcees that you should consider.

Dunton, Colorado

After a divorce, you need a cool and memorable spot to rewind and restore your energy. Dunton Hot Springs in Colorado offers just the perfect destination to help you release the pressure and work out your soul for a rebound. The springs are filled with magnesium, calcium and other therapeutic minerals to give your body and mind just the right treat.

Costa Rica

If you have a little more to spare on a trip after your divorce, Costa Rica is no doubt an incredible pick that guarantees you an adventure of a lifetime. Whether you want to get lost in nature, discover new cultures, try out exciting water activities, indulge in foreign delicacies or just a quiet retreat in an exotic location, Costa Rica offers endless opportunities.

Kamalame Cay, Bahamas

The lavish complex on a sandy beach off Andros Island comprises of villas on a serene environment that provides an ideal retreat for divorcees. What even makes it more interesting is that they even have special packages for divorcees that include various fun activities like snorkeling, fishing, diving and spa treatments at the resort.


Amsterdam is another great destination that you should visit after divorce. While it is mainly famous for its thrilling art and food scene, the canal city also has a diverse culture that makes every adventure there truly amazing. Apart from museum tours, restaurant hopping and boat rides along the canal, you can also enjoy a quiet retreat at one of the high end hotels.

Other ideal travel destinations for divorcees to also consider when planning your next adventure include New Mexico, San Francisco, Piedmont Italy, Peru and Nova Scotia Canada.