Best Destinations for Beginner Travelers
December 6, 2018

Traveling is fun but, it can also be a bit intimidating to first timers. The experience of being away from home and your comfort zone can sometimes make you feel lonely even if you are in a group. Due to the overwhelming options, choosing the best travel destinations can also be very challenging. To help you make informed decisions, below are some of the best destinations for beginner travelers that you should consider.


One of the main reasons why England tops the list of destinations for first time travelers is because it is an English-speaking country. This means you will not be subjected to language barrier issues. Besides, England has a fair share of both worlds. You can find fancy hotels and restaurants, shopping malls, beautiful sceneries and attractions. On the other hand, England also has a well developed public transport system and local hotels for budget travelers. Whether you only limit your stay to London or outside the city, there is always so much to see and do.

Newfoundland, Canada

Newfoundland, Canada is also a fantastic travel destination for beginner travelers. Besides its incredible scenic views for a wide range of adventures, Newfoundland Canada is also quite safe. The people are quite friendly and will make you feel welcome no matter where you visit. Here, you can also get a great taste of a unique city life dotted with several historic attractions, hotels, clubs, parks and restaurants. While visiting Canada, you can also take a tour outside the city to enjoy whale watching, hiking, iceberg cruises, kayaking among other activities.


Also an English speaking country, Australia traverses a very large area with something for every traveler. It has a great road and airline network that makes travelling quite convenient. If you want to experience the city life, visit cities like Melbourne and Sydney. Besides, you can also travel to the northeast coast to spend time at the beaches in Brisbane and Queensland.

Other great destinations for beginner travelers that you may also want to put in your list include Iceland, Greece, New Zealand, Thailand and Japan.

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