Best Days to Travel for Christmas
January 15, 2023

While the holiday season appears to be enjoyable, holiday travel is not. This article has compiled a list of Christmas’ best travel days to ensure a smooth and painless vacation.

Book Your Flights Early 

First and foremost, book your Christmas flight as soon as possible after Thanksgiving. Regarding international flights, booking two to eight months ahead is best because the best deals are usually available in late August and early September. Use this to avoid paying a premium. It can be challenging to predict ideal flight days because holidays fall on different days each year; for example, Christmas falls on a weekend this year.

Pick Your Departure Dates 

To return to our original question, what are the best days to fly during the Christmas season of 2022? This article sampled numerous departure and arrival cities across the United States to reach a consensus on the best dates forecast.

The best departure dates are Sunday, December 18, Monday, December 19, Tuesday, December 20, Saturday, December 24, and Sunday, December 25. However, during Christmas week, the earlier you leave, the better. However, if you need a few days to work in before traveling, flying on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day is ideal for fewer crowds and lower prices, assuming you are willing to pass on a holiday.

Pick Your Return Dates 

The best Christmas return dates are Wednesday, December 28, Thursday, December 29, and Friday, December 30. 

However, because this year’s Christmas falls on a Sunday, Monday, December 26, and Tuesday, December 27, are likely to be busy travel days, it may be a good idea to avoid flying for a few days and instead work remotely and return later. It will save you money as well as a lot of travel time.

Good luck with your holiday travel arrangements!